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REVIEW: Schwarzkopf Gliss Intense Therapy With OmegaPlex

February 4, 2019

 I know the drill, fewer highlights, less swimming in salt water and zero use of hot irons would be the answer to manageable hair, but for heavens sake, a girl's gotta have her fun so I'm constantly on the lookout for ideal hair products for dry and frizzy hair; yay for the Schwarzkopf Gliss Intense Therapy With OmegaPlex range that landed on my desk late last year and here's what I thought:


Schwarzkopf Gliss IntenseTherapy With OmegaPlex has a unique bonding technology that helps severely damaged hair. Because of its groundbreaking formula, it goes right to the root (mind the pun) of the problem by repairing the bonds of the hair from deep within. The Omegaplex formula helps to reconstruct damaged hair, reviving it for stronger hair to withstand the elements and future damage from blow drying and styling. Gliss products are formulated to penetrate up to 10 layers of your hair fibre and refill lost keratin. The technology is super smart in detecting even the most minute damage, reinforcing exactly how much keratin needs to be repleniished. 


It's an easy enough range to use and I used the Schwarzkopf Gliss Intense Therapy With OmegaPlex Conditioner  with the Schwarzkopf Gliss Intense Therapy With OmegaPlex Shampoo after every wash. I upped using the Schwarzkopf Gliss Intense Therapy With OmegaPlex Bonding Seal Mask to twice weekly as I swim a lot and the salt water makes my already coloured hair matted after a swim and it feels hideous until I've combed the mask through which also helps with the frizz factor.  I leave the mask on for a couple of hours while I get on with other things and rinse out later.

If you are wanting intense hydration, volume, colour protection and less frizz I'd say this is a goodie (and price point not too shabby!) Will I use this range again? Most definitely- I only wish the conditioner bottle was way bigger than the shampoo as I like to use the same brand and find I generally use the conditioner up before the shampoo has finished!


Available at leading retailers including Checkers, Pick n Pay, Dischem and Clicks
Schwarzkopf Gliss Intense Therapy With OmegaPlex Shampoo ZAR52,99 for 250ml and ZAR69,99 for 400ml
Schwarzkopf Gliss IntenseTherapy With OmegaPlex Conditioner ZAR52,99 for 200ml and 69,99 for 400ml
Schwarzkopf Gliss Intense Therapy With OmegaPlex  Bonding Seal Mask ZAR89,99 for 300ml
That's it for Monday - I hope it's a damn fine week up ahead!
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