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A fabulous eye mask for sparkling eyes: SENSAI Cellular Performance Revitalising Eye Pads

November 28, 2018

I've been waking up really early lately to get through a to-do list that never seems to get any shorter (is it possible Christmas is here in less than a month?), so it's no wonder I'm feeling somewhat frazzled, but delighted Sensai Extra Intensive 10 Minute Revitalising Pads were next on my list to try out. After one application I'm already feeling (looking?) way chirpier and ready for the festive season! Here's why I'd add these to my Christmas wish list!


The cornerstone of the Sensai skincare range is Koishimaru silk which has the unique ability in helping to produce hyaluronic acid; combined with Advanced CPX Vital Extract and Advanced Energy Technology which energise and addresses anti-ageing skin concerns.  Sensai incorporates a skincare ritual called Saho, (inspired by the Saho code of etiquette for the Japanese tea ceremony) done in a three step process designed to be practised the same way, every day. By repeating this calming and thoughtful method, one can achieve silky optimum skin.

The two in a pack pads are saturated in lovely hydrating ingredients to refresh eyes!


These Sensai Extra Intensive 10 Minute Revitalising Pads are absolutely wonderful to pop onto eyes after cleansing and an excuse to lie down for ten minutes, allowing the hydrating ingredients to sink in. They feel dewy, fresh and super revitalising and I've been wiping the excess over my entire face and mouth area too! I think they are perfect  before a night out or special occasion; an expensive little treat but oh, so worth putting on your Christmas list!


Sensai Extra Intensive 10 Minute Revitalising Pads 

(box contains ten packs of  two pads)  ZAR1960



That's it for this Wednesday.  Watch this space for more Christmas ideas both budget friendly and treat worthy!





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