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January 10, 2020

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Silk Scarves: Five Simple Ways To Wear

November 30, 2018

Credit: Liberty London


There's something rather chic and fabulous about a simple silk square that can transform an outfit instantly into something special. Silk scarves have made a comeback in the last couple of months, sported on women of all ages and worn in various ways; here's how to incorporate this versatile must-have accessory into your wardrobe: 


1.This is the easiest way of wearing one wound twice around your neck and loosely tied to the side




2. Add a silk scarf to your bag for added effect (I styled my model with this scarf from Woolworths); the floral dress + scarf look pretty and feminine


Inspiration from #Pinterest 

3.Wear as a belt or if it's not long enough to go around the waist, tie on a belt loop and let it hang for a casual accent  

Inspiration from #Pinterest 

4.Wound around the head looks tres chic!


 5.Change up your bracelet for a silk version -wind twice around and knot


I like to roll the scarf from both sides to meet up in the middle, and then folded over once more to create one thickish band - from here you can wind around the neck twice and tie

#Pinterest inspiration 

Pair with a white shirt for super coolness 

#Pinterest inspiration 

Love the way she has folded the scarf in a triangle, before wrapping around the neck

 pinterest Inspiration

The Backward Cowboy version

 #Pinterest Inspiration

Uber Cool

#Pinterest inspiration 

 #Pinterest Inspiration

 #Pinterest Inspiration

 #Pinterest Inspiration



Do you like to wear silk scarves? Please share your version with me! 

Happy Friday!




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