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January 18, 2018




I'm totally blown away with Danish makeup brand GOSH AW17/18 makeup collection, which I wore just about every day over the festive season, even when popping down to the local bakery! I've long been a fan of their makeup, specifically their mascaras and of course being PETA- approved gets my vote! Read on to see what's available from the latest collection:






GOSH 9 SHADES EYESHADOW PALETTE in ‘To Party in London’ (R280), a glorious selection of highly pigmented shades of gold, coppers, and warm hues; the look at The Golden Globes a few nights ago showed celebs wearing makeup with shimmery shades to graphic lines, so you could reinvent your own Red Carpet look with these metallic and pearlescent finishes! You probably don't need another palette for the season as light day wear and night time looks can both be created; add a little sparkle wherever you go! The shades are a buttery soft consistency making for easy use, with no creasing or fall out.  It comes in a black compact with mirror, making on-the-go application easy peasy.


GOSH Strobe ‘N’ Glow Kit in 001 Highlight 


GOSH Strobe ‘N’ Glow Kit in 001 Highlight (R285) is an amazing palette consisting of four pearly and iridescent shades,(see how they glow on my skin). As I'm getting older my cheeks are looking a bit hollow, so highlighting draws the eyes away from the hollows focusing on highlighted areas like the apples of cheeks. I personally prefer using my fingers with product, keeping a brush as second choice and as the consistency is soft and creamy, even better. The great thing about highlighters is that you can play around with them deciding on what part of the face you'd like to bring attention to or deflect from. I think it's gorgeous to see a faint sheen on the apples of cheeks, a little on bridge of nose, under the brow area and I like to add a dusting to my chin area. 

 GOSH Primer Plus Skin Adaptor Anti-Pollution Primer in Chameleon


GOSH Primer Plus Skin Adaptor Anti-Pollution Primer in Chameleon (R255)

I must say I've  become quite a fan of primers pre-foundation as they fill in the lines creating a smoother surface and evens out skin tone. Make no mistake there are a few hit and miss ones I've come  across over the years, but this one contains an ingredient called Cityguard+complex to help fight against pollution from car exhaust to cigarette smoke; (early morning walks through the city to work I'm prone to getting my fair share of car fumes and cigarette smoke, so I'm glad there are added benefits in products!) 

GOSH Lumi Drops in 012 Rosegold



GOSH Lumi Drops in 012 Rosegold (R160)

I'd buy this instead of a blusher as it achieves exactly what I want, which is a soft flush to cheeks. As one ages you want to stay clear of too many powders as they seep into wrinkles giving that 'cakey' look, so using creamy or liquid products is the way to go. Lumi Drops comes in a little squeeze bottle with a gel like consistency; I like to add a few drops to the back of my hand, then pat into cheekbones using the tips of fingers. This is currently my favourite summer makeup product for its fresh flushed appeal and definitely something I would buy again.


GOSH Prime ‘N’ Set Primer & Mattifying Banana Setting Powder


GOSH Prime ‘N’ Set Primer & Mattifying Banana Setting Powder (R235)

Bananas you say - well if you haven't heard about banana powder before it's the go-to for banishing dark circles under the eyes as a yellow tone brightens skin. It is suitable for all skin types and perfect for setting concealer, which you'd apply before using the banana powder. I'd then sweep a big brush over to get rid of excess. I'm not a huge fan of powders, but was impressed that it didn't dry out my skin or make it feel 'heavy', does this make sense?  I kinda feel claustrophobic under powder, like can my skin actually breathe? Does anyone else feel this or is it me being melodramatic?  So this next product I reviewed is something I much prefer...

GOSH colour corrector kit 001


GOSH colour corrector kit 001 (R195)

Understanding the art of concealers has a lot to do with colour correction, and if you weren't paying attention in art class, have no fear as a quick recap goes like this:

Red is directly across from green on the colour wheel. Green neutralises the red, so green concealer works best to cover red blemishes. Likewise purple is opposite to yellow on the colour wheel, so adding yellow will take away purple undertones. Smart huh!  


The kit contains every shade concealer you'll ever need; is a creamy consistency and easy to blend into skin, with the compact being small enough to fit into your makeup bag for quick touch-ups. 

So what do you use the colours for?


Nude/Blush: This is the most common colour for lighter skins, covering small blemishes or imperfections. It is also great to use as a primer to make lipstick last longer.

Yellow: Best for covering blues and purples, so great coverage for bruises, under eyes and veins. 

Green: Neutralizes red so covers blemishes and redness.

Purple: Eliminates any unwanted yellow undertones in skin so peeps with dull yellow complexions should use this as a primer to create a glow.

Peach/Salmon: This shade works really well on sallow olive skin to give radiance. It also works on brightening under the eye area, masking signs of fatigue. 







A creamy crayon is like McDreamy itself as it literally glides gently over eyelids leaving a neutral base to ensure the eyeshadow you're applying over looks more intense. Use the sponge to gently blend in. 



GOSH Lift & Highlight in 001 Nude


GOSH Lift & Highlight in 001 Nude (R185)

I am obsessed with this  Lift & Highlight duo-pencil with its nifty nude matte shade on one end, and a shimmery light-reflective pencil on the other. The shimmery side I use as a highlighter to brighten the inner eye corner aswell as on the cupids bow and on my brow bone. The matte side I use under my brows to give shape and it's a similar match to my skin tone. I use it sometimes on my water line to open up my eyes. It is  deliciously creamy, highly pigmented and soft so won't irritate the eyes.  This will be on my always list of "must-haves'!


GOSH Brow Shape +Fill in Crayon in Grey Brown 002


GOSH Brow Shape +Fill in Crayon in Grey Brown 002 (R165)

I have ridiculously light eyebrows which I dye or darken to  frame the eye area. I have of late stopped dying and am only using eyebrow pencils with the option of sporting light brows one day or darker the next. Read my earlier post on eyebrow pencils here.  This is a retractable pencil with an angle crayon on the one side and a setting powder on the other.  It reminds me a bit of the one I have just finished using by Sisley Phyto-Sourcils Perfect. You can brush stroke the colour in as much as you want and shape your brows accordingly. The colour proves to be perfect for me! 



GOSH MY FAVOURITE MASCARA (R165) and it is indeed! Mascara is something I will rarely go without.  Despite getting my eyelashes dyed occasionally, nothing quite gives you a finished look to the eye area than lashings of mascara! Infused with oak extract to nourish lashes for a non-clumpy or flaky day.  The wand is small and made from rubber so does a great job at separating lashes and is easy to wash off by just using warm water. This is the perfect everyday mascara.


Like what you see?  These are all available exclusively from Edgars


Have you tried any GOSH products before?  Some of my work colleagues had never heard of this brand, so I was super happy to shout their praises! Let me know what you think?



Happy day





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