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February 7, 2018



Dr Gobac Cosmeceuticals BioRestore Needle-Free received rave reviews when it launched a couple of years ago and as his products address anti-aging concerns like dark spots, lines and wrinkles, dry & dehydrated skin, I was thrilled to test it out on my own skin, so here's what I thought:



 When trying out products I like to read the ingredients, a bit like checking food packaging on what you're eating. I'm not obsessive about what I eat, but it's good to be familiar with ingredients you are putting on and into your body. I am a sucker for anything regarding anti-ageing or mature skin concerns so if there's talk on concoctions of active ingredients, yes please! So what are the ingredients in this powerful serum?


 Dr Gobac Cosmeceuticals BioRestore Needle-Free is a high- tech product providing protection to the Epidermal Stem Cells to increase stem cells longevity and limiting the formation of deep lines and wrinkles. With a complex compound of  Amino acids, Polypeptides and plant extracts, the slow release of antioxidants and active ingredients help increase and stimulate the production of collagen and elastin; (as we age the production of these slow down immensely so they need a bit of a kickstart; who said ageing was fun?!).  Activated ‘time proteins’ retard and reverse signs of ageing while maintaining healthy physiology of the skin by eliminating toxins and free radicals that are detrimental to the skin.



I used it on areas of concern like around my eyes, smile lines and mouth area.  I have two lines around my mouth which I hate and it definitely softened them.   The only downside is that the tube of potent serum doesn't come in a large tub as I'd smear it on my entire face! It's the perfect non-surgical solution to give a lift and voluminous look. Would I use it again?  Most definitely as the ingredients are beneficial for imperfections, thinning skin, dark spots, broken capillaries and scarring and I see and feel a general improvement in my overall skin texture. 


Available online here for R730



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