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WHIMSICAL & MAGICAL: Coucou Illustrations

December 7, 2017




Looking at the gentle washes of colour by 21 year old French illustrator  Cecile, aka COUCOU_ILLUSTRATOR, on subjects like pugs, foxes, flowers and more really makes my heart happy. So young, fresh and talented! I'm deciding on a purchase, but can't decide which one as they are all just so lovely! 


On her illustrations Cecile says, “I post my illustrations on social media under the name 'Coucou Illustrations'.'Coucou' is a French word I always use to say hi, (it is a bit childish, but I love it!). I find it kind and warm and comforting. I really wanted my illustrations to get the feeling of friendliness and happiness, so I decided to use this name. I really enjoy faded colours, simple shapes and patterns – though, once in a while, I like to let aside my watercolours and use my coloured pencils for a bolder, more colourful drawing. I also like to play with black and white drawings and add bits of colour here and there, to let some elements pop out. I like to think my drawings can sometimes look like old pictures, with these greyish colours. At least, that’s what I try to create most of the time!”


I rounded up some of the ones I really love - take a peek!

(I love this one as a gentle reminder to take time to contemplate life and enjoy a cup of tea)

(I remember we had typing as a compulsory subject in grade 9 which was so boring except for our introduction where our teacher belted out the music for  IPI TOMBI as it had good rhythm to type to - how funny!)


(Say it with flowers)


(Life is a bowl of cherries... or strawberries are just as good!)

(In my head I see stars and flowers; the eternal optimist) 

(Imagine this as wallpaper - nice huh!)

 (Pug love!)

(What could be nicer than a fresh bowl of strawberries?)

(My favourite animal)

(Teepees remind me of summer holidays spent in Vermaaklikheid where the house overflowed with people, so a teepee was erected every holiday to accommodate the kids)

(This one reminds me of my mother's  jerseys she would knit for my dad -  splashes of colour woven together with intricate patterns)

 (A handful of flowers)

(How lovely are these characters! I always wanted to be a trapeze artist in a circus as it seemed so glam and thrilling, but we moved to a small town so my dreams stayed in my head)


follow her here:




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