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January 10, 2020

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WAXING LYRICAL: BLACKOWL Scented candles & stationary

June 26, 2017





It's always a treat to stumble across a brand you instantly love, which is how I felt when I saw the chic monochrome Instagram feed of BLACKOWL featuring their minimalist-themed products and scented candles.


Creator and owner Nicky Kotze decided to leave the frustrations of working for other people and follow her heart. Ever since she was really young she's been inspired to create things: "Making or decorating has been with me ever since I can remember. I would look at random objects and wonder how I could use or break them apart to re-make into something else".


Her scented candles are hand-made using cosmetic grade soy wax and 100% organic essential oils. The packaging for the candles changes from time to time with the focus on the new canvas bags being re-usable: "I'm currently working on candle bags with zips so that you can use them again as a makeup bag or a purse."


Gift cards, tags and notebooks also form part of the BLACKOWL range. "I always carry two notebooks with me for sketching or jotting down my ideas, so I thought it would be nice to add stationary  to my line, although my main focus is still on the scented candles".


Find a nearby stockist for BLACKOWL candles and stationary here  

 Owner and creator of BLACKOWL  Nicky Kotze






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