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January 11, 2018



Despite having the best intention of washing my face and doing a fabulous beauty routine worthy of a Twitter mention, on some nights I'm lazy, so reaching for Johnson’s Face Care Daily Essentials Moisturising Facial Cleansing Wipes is my go to for easy and quick facial cleansing! 

Cape Town is currently experiencing a major water crisis and as I have been frequenting malls a lot lately, thanks to three glorious weeks of holiday; (so nice to physically go into shops to look and feel as one tends to get locked into shopping and working online), so I've had to use the public loos and yes, they're super clean, but the taps have been switched off with the option being waterless hand cleanser, not the most pleasant experience so yay again to Johnsons Face Care Daily Essentials Wipes! 


There's a choice of four variants to suit all skin types, with 25 in a packet.


YELLOW PACKET: Fragrance Free & for All Skin types

PINK PACKET: Normal Skin

GREEN PACKET: Oil Balancing Wipes  


As an alternative to  a proper cleansing routine these are a fab quick fix and as I said my go-to for keeping hands clean throughout the day, so a definite "must-have" item in my bag. Will I keep buying these?  Yes, especially as there is a BUY ANY 3 JOHNSONS PRODUCT AND GET THE CHEAPEST ONE FREE at Clicks until the 22nd January, so I shall be stocking up!


Available at Clicks R44,95


Happy day peeps!











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